The Shaftesbury’s Top Tips For Planning Your Trip

Trip planning

Organising a big trip can be exciting, but also incredibly stressful and time consuming. At The Shaftesbury we know all about trip planning and how to ensure you make the very most of your time in London. So, keep reading for our tip tips to ensure planning your trip is a roaring success rather than overly stressful!


A successful trip starts at the initial planning stage. Organisation is key. When you’ve worked out where you’re going and when, performing the following key tasks can help remove a lot of the stress and uncertainty associated with travel:

  • Make sure you gather together any documentation you need for your trip, such as your passport if travelling overseas, or another form of ID if travelling domestically – in case you need to prove you are who you say you are for any bookings or events.
  • Book your transportation as far in advance as possible to avoid last-minute disappointment, and jot down the rough itinerary of your travel options.
  • Consider any add-ons which could help your trip run more smoothly, such as travel insurance.
  • Establish a clear budget to make sure you don’t overspend or run out of money halfway through your trip – and organise exchanging your money if that is a necessary part of your journey.



Making a success of your packing comes down to a mix of efficiency and practicality. When choosing what to pack, consider:

  • The weather and time of year where you are going – it is no use being condemned to spend a fortnight in a London winter in shorts, and likewise thick clothing will spoil your trip in June/July. Packing layers is a flexible option which allows you to adjust dependent on the realities of the unpredictable British weather.
  • Gather together all the important documentation you need in advance (passport, travel documentation, cash etc.), and try to keep as much of it as possible in the same (secure) location.
  • Consider the purpose of your trip – is it for business or leisure? This will help inform what you take with you to the Shaftesbury Hotel London.

Organising Events

The events you choose for your trip will be largely dependent upon the trip’s overall purpose.

If preparing for a business trip, pinpoint some corporate-friendly venues ahead of time and jot down their names and locations. This could prove very helpful if you’re aiming to wow a client or win new business.  If you are travelling to London for leisure purposes, look for places you and/or your travelling party will enjoy, and make any necessary bookings. This will help save you a lot of hassle once you arrive in the UK’s capital – leaving you free to enjoy yourself.

The Shaftesbury’s top tips for planning your trip: a guide for those looking to travel to London, with tips on planning, packing and organising events for both business and leisure guests.