The Tate Modern is celebrating Sigmar Polke


The Tate Modern has always been a pioneer in celebrating the works of contemporary figures, and its newest exhibit is no different.

German artist Sigmar Polke not only boasted a career that spanned five decades but he was known widely for his innovative and experimental styles, creating some of the most unique and original stuff of the last century. Therefore, it is not really a surprise that Alibis: Sigmar Polke is a great day out for the whole family.

Polke was an artist who undoubtedly was not content with just creating pieces that were limited to a single medium, and so he combined drawing, painting, sculpture, film and photography to truly create some magnificent works that have lasted the test of time. Aiming to push the boundaries like many other artists of his era it is not shocking that this exhibit has a wide range of platforms – something to suit everyone.

Highlights to look out for include the mixture of materials that he adopted for his work, such as snail juice, meteor dust, bubble wrap, soot, gold and even uranium. Interestingly, it is what his pieces were actually about that is sure to fascinate. Whether it was a scathing commentary on consumer society, the horrors of World War II or a unique look into communal living, it is often what the pieces say, rather than what they are made from, that has captured the imaginations of fans and critics alike.

Tickets start from £13 for adults, but note that you have only until February 8th 2015 to catch the exhibition, so you may want to book into a London hotel as soon as possible to avoid disappointment in what can often be a busy festive period for the city.