The Tower of London touts top attractions

London Tower

History lovers staying at luxury hotels in London may be tempted to visit the Tower of London as the venue highlights its top attractions.

The White Tower is one of the most important historic buildings in the world, serving as an “iconic symbol” of London and Britain.

Alongside the rest of the Tower complex, the White Tower is listed as a World Heritage Site and conceals some of the venue’s hidden gems, such as Henry VIII’s armour and the 11th century Chapel of St John.

Royal armour from across 500 years is also on display, offering an insight into the personalities, power and actual size of some of England’s kings.

Among the many star pieces, such as those belonging to Henry VIII, James II and Charles I, the exhibit boasts a rare piece of Japanese presentation armour from 1610.

Brought back as a diplomatic gift from Japan by Captain John Saris, the armour was one of two sets presented to King James I by the son of the first Tokugawa Shogun.

Perhaps the most popular exhibit, the Crown Jewels are on display for all to see, featuring 23,578 gems, including the Imperial State Crown which alone has 2,868 diamonds, 273 pearls, 17 sapphires, 11 emeralds and five rubies.

People can also learn about the Royal Menagerie as well as take a guided Yeoman Warder tour.

Known for their distinctive Beefeater costumes, the Yeoman Warders are one of the most popular attractions at the Tower.

Founded before 1461, the organisation requires all members to have served in the armed forces for at least 22 years before joining.

All the guests will be watched over by the resident ravens, with legend saying that the kingdom and the Tower will fall if the birds ever leave.

Trained by a specialist Ravenmaster, the large birds preside over four different territories within the Tower precincts.

Furthermore, visitors can take in the Green Tower – where some of the most infamous executions took place – and families can take part in special activities.