Things for Teenagers to do on Family Holidays in London

Teenagers in london

Although it might seem mad to even think it, sometimes it’s easier to go on family holidays with very young children instead of with teenagers.

We’re sure that you’re shaking your head in disbelief, but the reality is that little children are usually much easier to entertain and although they get tired or hungry more frequently, you – as parents – will still be the ones making the decisions about what you’re doing, where you’re going and what you’ll be eating.

This is quite different when it comes to travelling with teenagers, because they often have a lot of thoughts or ideas of things that they’d like to do when you head off to London for a city break. Although this is fine, it might mean that you have opposing views of what constitutes a fun activity when you’re on holiday.

If this sounds like a familiar problem then we’re here to help by detailing some activities that we’re sure you and your teenagers will love doing together in the Big Smoke.

Sightseeing bus tours

London bus tour

Despite what you may be thinking, everyone loves bus tours, particularly in a place that’s as big as London, because you get to see so much of the city in a really easy and relaxing way.

Plus, there are so many different tours to choose from and take you around the central area, Camden, the east and more. There’s bound to be a part of the city that your teenager will be keen to know about – all you have to do is hop on the bus tour that takes you there and you’re golden!

Walking tours

walking tour

London is one of those places that you have to walk around, not just because you have to cover a lot of ground, but also because there are fascinating things to explore that you miss if you spend too much time on public transport.

For this reason, there are amazing walking tours for you and the whole family to enjoy, including ones that take you around the London featured in shows like Doctor Who or Sherlock.

Interestingly, you can also partake in a James Bond or Harry Potter walking tour – the latter of which is affectionately referred to as the Muggle Tour!

If your teenagers would like to do a walking tour but their interests are a little more edgy, then we recommend that you head east in the direction of Shoreditch and the Street Art Walking Tour that takes you around Brick Lane and its surrounding areas.

The best thing about this street art tour is that you’ll never see the same thing twice, as artists from all over the world come to leave their mark on the walls here. Some are unknown but others are easily recognisable, and you might even spot a Banksy now and again.


Shopping in london

Whether they’re into their high street and designer labels or prefer something vintage and second-hand, London’s shopping offers plenty of options to teens with style.

For the former options, we would recommend that you head along to Oxford Street for high street lines and Mayfair for designer labels – be warned though that Oxford Street can be extremely busy on weekends.

When it comes to the latter, all you have to do is locate a market. Take your pick from Camden Market, Brick Lane or Portobello Road – there’s a bargain and a gem to be found at each one.

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