Tips to follow when you are on a business trip to London

Business Travel

London has a thriving business district with tens of thousands of professionals from all industries and nations pouring into the city each week for meetings, presentations, or just to see clients in the capital.

To really make the most out of your business trip to London, we’ve compiled some tips to make your stay as pleasant and productive as possible. Read on to ensure that you’ll have everything you need for your next London business trip.

Book the right room

London is filled with hotel rooms, but if you’re hoping to mix business with pleasure, you’ll love our Paddington Court executive rooms.

Not only will you be surrounded by first-rate décor, excellent service and exceptional food and refreshments during your stay, but seeing as you’re in the city for business purposes, an executive room offers you additional space and a desk for you to check those emails and type up a few notes before heading off for that all important meeting.

Location is everything

London has an excellent public transport network which connects all districts with ease, but if you want to be close by to one of the central business districts around Finsbury Square, then the Shaftsbury London Paddington is a great choice.

This hotel isn’t just surrounded by fabulous eateries, beautifully maintained gardens and plenty to do after the work day ends. It’s also easy to walk to the business district in just a few minutes, making it the perfect location for a busy business stay.

Take a break

If all of those presentations and reports leave you feeling a little overwhelmed, then our Hyde Park Hotel offers you the perfect opportunity to take a break from it all and get out of the office or your hotel room to enjoy a little air.

Our Hyde Park Hotel is located just a short stroll away from one of London’s most beautiful parks, so why not grab a bite to eat and join the many other office workers in the area that head to the park to enjoy a well-earned break away from their desks?

With the Princess Diana memorial garden to enjoy, a walk around Serpentine Lake to clear your head or a quick visit to the Serpentine art gallery to take in a little contemporary art, it offers the perfect distraction from work for an hour or so.

Make the most of your free time

Once 5 pm comes, you’ll probably be wondering what to do with your free evening when staying at the Shaftsbury Hotel London. Luckily for you, there are plenty of places to spend your time away from the stresses of work, so we’ve created a quick list of a few of our favourites.

The Shard

If you’ve already enjoyed the views from your Paddington Court executive rooms, then you might want to go a little higher to see London from a whole new vantage point. The Shard offers excellent sunset views across London after hours. Take the Tube from the Shaftsbury Hotel Paddington, and you’ll be there in just under half an hour to take in the awe-inspiring city skyline.

The Tate Modern

If a little art is in order during your trip, then the Tate Modern keeps its doors open later into the evening on certain nights. Those staying at our Hype Park Hotel can expect to get up close and personal to the world’s best contemporary art during their visit.

Catch a West End Show

If you’re in town with the hope of impressing a client, then why not take in one of the many West End shows that come to the capital each year? From toe-tapping musicals to serious dramas from some of the UK’s best theatre companies, this neighbourhood has an array of amazing entertainment to choose from every night of the week, so you’re sure to find the perfect show to impress your clients.

Take a night tour

London is a city that never sleeps, so just because you’ve been busy at work during the day doesn’t mean that you can’t find out a little more of its history once the sun sets.

There are several companies that hold walking tours in the evening on a variety of subjects, so if you want to discover more about the gruesome history of Jack the Ripper or take it easy on an open top bus tour into the evening hours, just ask your concierge at the Shaftsbury Hotel London. We’ll be happy to arrange this for you.

Urban Golf

If you’ll be getting together with workmates that you haven’t seen for a while, why not arrange a night out with a little competition thrown in for good measure?

Urban Golf is a great evening hangout for stressed-out executives and their friends to blow off a little steam and enjoy some light-hearted competitiveness and a few drinks to unwind after a busy day. It’s a great spot for challenging colleagues and spending a little off-duty time with them outside of the office.

Simply take the Tube from Paddington from our Hyde Park Hotel to Smithfield, and you’ll reach Urban Golf in just over twenty minutes.

Pack light

If you are travelling to the Shaftesbury Hotel Paddington via train to avoid the congestion charge or parking fees, then luckily you won’t have far to walk to reach your accommodation.

However, you won’t need to pack several suits and shirts for your business trip when you stay at one of our Paddington Court executive rooms as the hotel staff will be happy to arrange dry cleaning and ironing services on your behalf during your stay.

This means that you’ll have plenty of space to take home a few little gifts for your family back at home from a few of the luxurious shops located in the area, so pack light and you’ll have plenty of luggage space to play with.