Top Perfume Shops Near Paddington

Perfume Shops in london

Nothing says sheer luxury and indulgence quite like a mist of high-end perfume. Perfume may date all the way back to the Ancient Egyptians but luckily for fragrance fans, the area surrounding London Paddington is packed with modern purveyors. If you are shopping for a new scent, there are plenty of options in the city. Read on for a selection of our favourite fragrance retailers in and around Paddington.

Perfume Shops

Les Senteurs

A specialist perfumery with much to recommend it, Les Senteurs is housed in a suitably opulent, apothecary style setting. It was originally designed to give customers a retreat from the hassles of modern shopping; instead of scouring conventional department stores for their favourite scent, they would be able to find something more personally tailored at Les Senteurs. The staff at Les Senteurs is hugely knowledgeable in the science of scents. You’ll find the collection supremely organised as Les Senteurs houses scents together based on their type and suitability. This approach makes it easy for customers to find something new based on fragrance combinations they have previously tried and enjoyed. With over 350 brands in stock from around the world, scent fans are sure to find something they love. Find out more about Les Senteurs at the official website.

Ormonde Jane

The London-based Ormonde Jane perfumery began as a hobby for a dedicated perfume fan, and has since grown into a wildly successful business producing some truly beautiful fragrances. Ormonde Jane specialises in not only perfumes but candles and bath and beauty products, all inspired by a love of travel and scent experimentation. If you’re not quite sure what your next aroma should be, or are torn between floral, woody or summery notes, Ormonde Jane offers a perfume sample service, which can be shipped worldwide ahead of your visit.

The store itself is located on Old Bond Street and is easily reached from The Shaftesbury Premier London Paddington – head to the official website to find out more about the full range of perfumes available.

L’Occitane en Provence

This French beauty brand’s London store provides some stunning fragrances to scent-loving customers in the UK’s capital. Everything from a discrete eau de toilette to a powerful eau de cologne is available alongside the rest of the signature L’Occitane range, providing both superior fragrances and their famed Marseilles soap. It’s a slice of fragrant France right in the heart of London. You can also layer up your chosen scent by selecting lotions in the same range.

To find out more about the L’Occitane brand, head to the website here.

Parfum Du Nicolai

A traditional perfumery selling a boutique range of perfumes, home fragrances and bath products to a truly international clientele, Parfums Du Nicolai’s aesthetic and fragrances are firmly rooted in evergreen Parisian chic. The perfumes range from light florals to vibrant citrus-based creations, earthy wood fragrances and rich leathers.

The London store is easily accessed whilst staying at The Shaftesbury Premier London Paddington – check the official website for more information on the brand and a store locater tool.