Top Spots for Sledging in London

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As a city, London is surprisingly weather-flexible. With plenty of indoor attractions for the winter and ample space for outdoor activity during the summer, you’ll always find something to suit your trip whatever the season. Whether you’ve visited for work or leisure, the countless hotels in Paddington London will have you staying suitably central to enjoy many of the best London attractions.

Don’t let the upcoming winter period put you off though. Whilst many opt for indoor events and attractions during the colder months, some of the best parks and open spaces of the city look even more magical during the winter. This is especially true if you’ve been lucky enough to visit during a snowy period. A white winter may put the city’s transport services on a somewhat slower schedule, but it adds a whole new dynamic to the city’s green spaces.

With Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park taking place between November and January, a wealth of ice rinks and beautiful frost dashed fields and forests, London makes for the perfect winter city. One activity that always goes down a treat during the winter is sledging, and whilst you might have to look a little farther afield for the perfect spots, you’ll be thrilled when you find them. The great thing about sledging is that it’s active, thrilling and almost always free to take part in. When you find the perfect spot, you’ll always want to return to it again and again.

So, if you’re visiting London for the first time, why not get stuck into some urban exploring through this historically fun sport and activity.

Alexandra Palace

alexandra park

Based in Harringey’s Wood Green area, Alexander Palace is one of the most historic entertainment venues in the city and has been open to the public since 1876. Used for gigs, variety shows and many other unique events, Alexander Palace has also garnered a reputation for the dazzling parkland around it. Alongside the amazing view from the top of the palace hill, winter wanderers can also utilise its tree-studded slopes for exhilarating sledge rides. There are a lot of trees though, so make sure to keep your wits about you and wear a crash helmet!

Hampstead Heath, Parliament Hill

Hampstead Heath

One of the most famous North London nature reserves, Parliament Hill offers beautiful views over the city whilst also promising the perfect space for sledging. Rising up just under a hundred metres, Parliament Hill is based on the south-east corner of Hampstead Heath and promises a 360-degree hill with clear slopes full of riveting steepness. Just make sure to swerve the people though, the hill can get very busy indeed on account of it being the site of some of the best views of the city. With easy access to the Paddington Court London Hotel, Hampstead Heath and Parliament Hill is the perfect spot for adrenaline-seeking visitors in the city.

Mansfield Park

Based in Chingford, Mansfield Park is an East London haven offering up two different hills. One is a short sharp hill, whilst the other is a gentler but longer slope ending in bushes. With beautiful views of the nearby Walthamstow reservoirs which are often frozen over the winter months, Mansfield Park is one of the further out spots in London for sledging. That shouldn’t put you off though; with its overground links to Liverpool Street Station, Mansfield Park is easily reachable for guests at hotels in Barbican London.

Greenwich Park

Rangers House, Greenwich Royal Park, London UK

Another East London gem, Greenwich Park offers one of the stunning views of the Canary Wharf area of London on the north side of the river. With sweeping dockland views and the prominent hills of the Greenwich Park Observatory, you can be sure to find some wicked winter sledge runs. Whether you’re on the lookout for a family-friendly park adventure or a thrillingly fast winter hill, Greenwich Park is one of the must-visit sledge-runs in East London. With the beautiful Greenwich district nearby, you can be sure to find winter worthy streets and Christmas lights galore all across the glittering

Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill London

Primrose Hill in Regents Park is another easy to reach sledging hill based in central London. Easy to reach from the Hyde Park boutique hotels and other surrounding accommodation, this is one of the largest hills in central London and gives you a steep, thrilling incline that’s always popular with young and old alike. With possibly the best views over London, Regent Park’s Primrose Hill promises the best of both worlds.

Northala Fields 

Based in Greater London’s Northolt area, Northala Fields holds beautiful fishing lakes and playing field areas, all proving memorably crisp and glittering in the London winter. With several man-made hills constructed from the remains of the old Wembley Stadium, this North West London collection of hills promises a perfect spot for sledging in the snowy winter. With the nearby Rectory Park offering great spots for snowball fights, the North West nature reserve and park project of Northala Fields are the perfect spot for winter walks.

Crystal Palace Park

South East London’s Crystal Palace Park is a Victorian-era public park which is full to the brim with lakes, dinosaur monuments and beautiful spots for sledging. Behind the sports centre, you’ll find a few gentle hills that give South Eastern visitors a chance to sledge and frolic in the beautiful fields of the park.

Brockwell Park

Just east of Brixton, Herne Hill’s Brockwell Park comes equipped with a lido, forested areas and beautiful allotments. With plenty of biking tracks and hilly areas, Brockwell Park has become a haven for South-based sledgers looking for a beautiful spot in the city for sledging fun. Easy to reach from the city centre via the Herne Hill rail service or Brixton end of the Victoria Line tube, this is the perfect sledging spot for London visitors.

Richmond Park

Richmond Park

If you don’t mind the trek out West, Richmond Park has a true abundance of hills and forested areas. This nature reserve and royal park is particularly beautiful in the winter, the semi-wild deers roaming the 2500 acres promising a suitably sleigh worthy excursion.