Toy Soldier Weekend at the National Army Museum


On July 27th and 28th, there is a special exhibition being hosted by the National Army Museum called Toy Soldier Weekend.

Much as the name would suggest, the event is giving visitors to the museum the chance to get right up close to fascinating collections of military models and memorabilia. Curators of the museum will also be telling the stories behind the unique collection of figurines, which is very rarely seen by the public.

In addition to the above, people will be given the chance to experience recreations of iconic events throughout history which involved the British Army.

Those looking for London deals in a bid to keep the cost of their trip to the capital at a minimum will be delighted to learn that admission to the Toy Soldier Weekend is absolutely free, meaning that more pennies will be available to do other fun activities.

For anyone finding themselves in the capital this weekend or in the near future, the venue is hosting a series of workshops entitled A Soldier's Life in… every Saturday from April 20th onwards. The sessions last for one hour and give visitors the chance to learn about life as a soldier during the English civil wars and first world war, as well as in the Victorian and modern day armies, depending on the theme of the workshop.

On June 15th and 16th for Father's Day, the museum is also hosting a special event called Build Your Own… giving families the chance to get competitive with a series of mini-build activities. Visitors will be given the chance to build their own miniature tanks and trebuchets, seeing who can build the best contraption.