Travel guide – keeping your possessions safe


Travel is one of the most rewarding things a person can do with their free time. Not only does it open the mind, travel also gives you the chance to experience things you might never have thought possible before.

But while travel is definitely a positive thing, moving around in this way can leave your personal items susceptible to theft, loss or damage.

In order to keep your stuff safe while you are on the road, there are a number of things you can do and precautions you can take. To give you an idea, here’s our guide for protecting your things on holiday.

Distribute valuables across your person

When you are out and about, the worst thing you can do is have all your valuables in your wallet or bag. All it takes is for you to leave your wallet in a bar or for someone to snatch your purse, and everything is gone.

It’s much better to distribute valuables such as money and cards across your person. That way, if something does happen, the loss will be much easier to deal with.

You could invest in a special traveller body purse that allows you to keep valuables like money discreetly stowed on your person.

Always be aware of your belongings

Always keep an eye on your bags, suitcases and anything else of yours while travelling. If you are travelling by train and have to stow your luggage in a communal area, make sure you have a good view of it during the journey.

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It’s also worth making your luggage distinctive from other people’s, so you know exactly what is yours. This helps when you are waiting for your bags at the airport luggage carousel. Consider brightly coloured bags, unique bandanas around the handle, or something as simple as red insulation tape.

Don’t flash expensive items

Depending where you are in the world, flashing expensive jewelry and electronic equipment out in public is asking for trouble. Just leave it at home!

Trade the Rolex for a Casio watch during the day, keep the new camera stowed away until you see something worth snapping, and generally just be aware of your surroundings.

In some cities, theft is a method of survival, and so flashing the cash and expensive items can leave you in a sticky situation. It’s always better to leave costly or irreplaceable things at home than to risk taking them away and losing them or having them stolen.

Keep checking

Whether you’ve just had your evening meal, or taken a taxi from one attraction to another, always check you have your things before you leave a location.

A quick pat down could save you a lot of aggravation in the long run; if you notice immediately, you can take action, but once you are back at the hotel things become more difficult.

If you get into a routine early on in your trip, you’ll feel much more confident that all your belongings are where they should be.

Safety deposit box

Always ensure there is a safe place to stow your valuables back at your London budget hotel. Remember, many people work at hotels and the venue cannot account for everyone so it’s always better to ask for a safety deposit box or safe.

You can then leave important items – like your passport – here while you explore the destination. If you are doing this, make sure you have a copy of the document on you at all times.

Protective casing

If you are taking any technology away with you, ensure that each item has a rugged travel case to protect it properly. This might be a padded bag for your laptop, or a scratch proof screen for your tabled.

For cameras, you may need to consider other things, such as the conditions of your destination. If it’s going to be wet, rainy or humid, you might need something to protect it from this, for example. You will also need a sturdy case and a strong strap which you can wear round your neck or wrist in case you drop it.

Don’t forget insurance!

Sometimes, you can take all the right precautions, and still you end up finding that an item is missing. When this happens it’s good to have a plan B to fall back on: an insurance policy.

Depending on the type you take out, you can be covered for loss of baggage, theft and, in some cases, accidental damage.

The type of package you choose depends on you personally, but as you’ll likely need to take out travel insurance anyway, it’s worth looking into the idea of insuring your personal effects as well – you may be able to get it all on one policy. The main thing is to always be prepared and stay calm, that way you are always in control of any given situation.