Living in London is one thing, but understanding the city as a traveller can be very difficult indeed. Whether you’re visiting the city for business or for holiday, one thing’s for certain, getting to grips with the unwritten rules of the city can be tricky. Despite the stereotype of the typical Londoner being unsociable and eye contact avoiding, you’ll actually find that if you ask someone in the street a question, they will give you an answer. Despite the busy facade, most people are happy to be helpful if approached politely. However, there are a few London rules which if broken, will undoubtedly annoy fellow commuters or travellers, and some questions which a Londoner, or a British person in general, will probably think are obvious. These are all part of the daily life of the UK, and whilst it may seem by the by for a local, the intricacies of keeping to your budget, finding shortcuts and just generally being courteous might be difficult to grasp for a first time visitor the Shaftesbury Metropolis Hyde Park. Below are some of our top tips.

Invest in an oyster card

oyestercard london

Oyster cards give you daily caps and can be linked up to discount railcards to get up to a third off a single public transport journey. These are quick and easy to use and cost only £5 from most tube stations cand can also be topped up at many corner shops.

And avoid peak times when possible

Peak times will see a rise in public transport prices, alongside a mass influx of commuters. When possible during your visit, avoid 7.30 am till 9.30 am and 4.30 pm till 7 pm.

Visit the free attractions

London is well known for its state and charitably funded museums and galleries. Many of the most popular galleries are free to visit, such as all of the museums in South Kensington’s Museum Row and the Tate Galleries. Search up your desired museum or gallery and find out if their permanent exhibits are free. 

And find the best deals on entertainment 


Pre booking or last minute booking on theatre, music and other types of performance will mean you find great value discounts. WIth many theatres offering morning time return sales for a fraction of the West End price, there are many shortcuts to seeing great entertainment on a shoestring budget.

Always price compare your accommodation

Many hotel booking websites will claim to be great value for money. Make sure you don’t just go for the first deal you see, and find the best room offers when booking the Park Grand Paddington London.

And stay where suits your needs

Make sure you really focus on why you’re visiting the city. If you’re here on business, stay near where your meetings are, or at least the hub for your industry. If you’re sightseeing find somewhere like the Shaftesbury London, which is more central but tucked away in a quiet corner.

Stand on the right hand side of the escalator

Escalator etiquette is a must, especially if you want to stay on the right side of locals during rush hour. If you want to walk down or up, do so on the left hand side. If you’re going with the flow on the escalator, stand on the right.

And respect the British queue

Many of the classic tourist traps of London involve queues. Londoners are especially good at queuing and expect the same level of etiquette from visitors. They don’t call the UK the world capital for decency for nothing.