Travelling in London with a Baby

travel with baby

Although there are lots of different ways to travel cheaply and easily around London, this can be made incredibly difficult if you are travelling in london with a baby, particularly if you have really young children or babies.

London is such a busy city and there are some Tube stations that only have stair access, which means that there can be a lot of climbing to get in and out of the underground. Carrying children for an indefinite amount of time isn’t an ideal way for you to spend your time travelling and can make your holiday quite difficult.

However, there are lots of ways for you to make travelling around the city incredibly easy, even if you are going around with more than one child and have a pram with you. Even though most Londoners are consistently in a rush, you’ll find that most people will be happy to help you carry a pram up or down stairs and will give you and your children a wide berth so you have plenty of room.

When it comes to specific travel and forms of transport, we have outlined a few ways for you to make your trip easier and enjoyable.

Plan Ahead

Any trip is more fun and travel made easier by you planning ahead which ways you’re going to get around, particularly if you’re going to a massive city like London.

If you’re pregnant or have children in tow for your visit, have a look ahead at websites like Transport for London (TfL) that have information on which services are or aren’t running, which Tube stations have lifts or step-free access and extra tips and advice about safe travel when you’re in the city.

Sometimes, you might need an aid or guide and TfL can help you with this by providing you with someone to talk you through the different routes and who can even accompany you on your first journey, whether this is on a train or a bus. Options are also available for those of you who may have sight or hearing impairments.

Take the Bus

Although the Tube is one of the fastest ways to get around the city, the bus is just as affordable and it can be easier for you to use when you’re travelling in London with a baby.


Most buses have a designated space for wheelchairs or prams; however, you will have to move your pram or fold it down if a wheelchair user does board the vehicle. Having said that, newer buses have space for both, so you should be okay.


In summer, there are few things more pleasant than walking around London and although it might seem like no-one does this in the city, true locals are the ones you’ll see stomping the city on foot.

Travelling in London with a Baby

The best thing about summer in the city is that the weather and long hours of daylight afford you lots of time to go exploring in places that you won’t see in winter. You can also make use of the city’s many parks, which are perfect for families with children of all ages and are a great way to spend the day together.

Don’t forget that British weather can be a little unpredictable no matter what the season, so make sure that you bring a rain cover, just in case. However, there are lots of places that you can dive into if you need to get indoors quickly.

Slings, Cabs and Boarding/Disembarking Trains

If it’s in your budget, travelling around the city in a black cab is one of the most luxurious ways to see and enjoy London with your family.


Black – or Hackney – cabs will also be able to take in prams without the need for folding them, as they have a lot more space than your average car. This is perfect if you are a small family with just one child and it means you don’t have to worry about bringing a car seat with you, as these cabs have seat belts that will hold the pram in place and cabbies will be more than happy to help you get everyone safely strapped in.

If you are going to be getting in a black cab with more than one child, they also have a lot of boot space for you to put the pram into and again, your cabbie will be happy to assist you.

However, if you prefer to travel without a pram at all, we recommend that you use a sling or baby carrier, as it’s much easier to travel on the underground or on buses, particularly if you’re by yourself. This also makes things simpler when you’re riding in cabs too, as you don’t need any special seats and it’ll save you the time it would take to fold and unfold the pram.

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