Unique and unusual places for you to explore in London


London is one of the most famous cities in the world, which is why millions of people come to explore all that it has to offer every year. However, if you’ve been to the city lots of times, you’re going to be familiar with the fact that you love discovering ever more unique and unusual places to add to your London list.

However, it isn’t just visitors to the city who are keen to find out more about it, as Londoners themselves are always looking for something new to enjoy in their own Big Smoke. Not only this, but the city’s inhabitants can forget great attractions and activities that are right under their nose.

For all these reasons, we’ve pulled together a list of locations for you to visit, enjoy and discover, whether you’re travelling to London for the first time or you’ve lived in the city for years.

Hoxton Street Monster Supplies

Hoxton is one of the trendiest areas in East London and one of the most unusually fascinating places here is Hoxton Street Monster Supplies. Established in 1818, this is a store for ‘monsters’ and includes interesting edible treats like Brain Food and Cubed Earwax.

To discover the delicacies and everything else besides, travel from The Shaftesbury Hotel Hyde Park to Queensway Station and take the Central line to Bank Station. From there, take the number 242 bus towards Homerton from Bank Station Stop C to Hoxton Street Geffrye Station to Stop KA and you’ll be there in just over half an hour.

Jeremy Bentham’s statue

Jeremy Bentham was an English philosopher, jurist, social reformer and a very big part of British history, although he’s often unfortunately overlooked.

He is credited with being the founder of utilitarianism, which is regarded as an 18th century version of what people refer to now as human ‘wellbeing’. He called for the abolition of slavery, the death penalty and fought for the decriminalisation of homosexuality and for the right to divorce.

An altogether unique character and years ahead of his own time period, Bentham had himself commemorated in a very odd way. A friend helped him create an icon that stands in the South Cloisters in the Main Building at University College London. The statue contains the full skeleton and clothes of Bentham, which was originally meant to preserve his head, but it didn’t work terribly well and was replaced with wax!

The Brixton Windmill

Although largely synonymous with Holland, there are plenty of windmills to be found in Britain and surprisingly, there’s one in Brixton, which has stood there for two centuries.

It’s an excellent photo opportunity, but you can also take part in training sessions to craft your skills as a master miller. Although it’s a somewhat outdated activity, it’s definitely something that will make a fun and alternative day out!

Henry VIII’s wine cellars

One of Britain’s most famous kings was also incredibly well known for his fondness of banquets that included huge feasts with flagons of rich wine. Having a serious penchant for bottles of delicious fermented grapes meant that his wine cellars were also legendary.

You’ll find them deep underneath the city, specifically under the Ministry of Defence, which we imagine is an unexpected surprise to the casual observer!

This vault contained one of Henry VIII’s most prized and precious collections and is one of the last few remaining areas of Whitehall Palace, where the Royal Family used to live once upon a time.

St Bartholomews

St Bartholomews is one of London’s prettiest churches but is also one of the saddest, as it’s affectionately known as the ‘weeping church’.

This is because when the weather is wet and cold – as it tends to be in British winter time – the walls allow water to soak through to the inside of the building. When it’s heavy enough, the rain leaks or weeps through the walls, giving the impression that the church is crying.

If you look carefully, you’ll even find references to this strange precipitation throughout the church itself.

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