Unique British habits you will discover in London


Assimilating into a foreign culture is a challenge that poses everyone who moves abroad. So if you’re spending an extended period of time staying at Budget Hotels in London, you’ll find you have to pick up a few British traits in order to fit in.

So what things should you get used to in the UK that might not be normal to you at home?

Organised queues

British are known for their organising skills. They beautifully manage crowds and rush by forming an orderly queue in any crowded location, from a theatre door to airport security. Queuing and making organised lines comes naturally to all British people. They perfect at avoiding chaos. Forming a queue is the unspoken way of preventing a nasty situation blowing up in a crowd. Needless to say, it is a very good habit to have.

Apologising when you get in someone’s way

British are known for their manners and etiquettes all over the world. Their polite and gentle manners naturally make them say sorry when somebody else gets in their way. It’s a unique habit, but one that you will probably pick up quickly if you are living in the hustle-bustle of a city like London, where it’s hard to walk down the street without negotiating your way through crowds.

Sunday shopping

London Shopping

Many countries don’t have Sunday trading, so it can be quite a shock to the system for new arrivals to get used to the fact that shops are open every day of the week in the UK.

Not got a pint of milk? No problem, you can easily go out and get some. Want to overhaul your wardrobe? Fine! We all know the reputation of London to be a city that never sleeps. Late night shopping, 24 hours grocery stores and more things that are open 24/7 or till late hours, truly define this city.

And once you get your head round the fact that the shops are open all week round, you might wonder how you ever coped back home.

Dressing down is okay

Some cultures expect you to do to lots of effort before you dare to step outside and show your face to the public. Britain is a very accepting country though, it accepts all kinds of people with their choice of clothing and appearances.

London is home to a hugely eclectic mixture of people in every corner of the city. This city lets you be what you want to be. It embraces both fashionably forward and the casual kind of people alike.

Christmas starts in June

Restaurants will have signs out saying they’re taking bookings for Christmas well in advance of the festive season, and the mince pies will be displayed on supermarket shelves before they’ve even sold the last of their Easter eggs.

And then once Halloween and Remembrance Day are out of the way, the floodgates truly open, with Christmas light switch-ons in every town and city centre, Christmas songs on every radio station and Christmas markets opening in the middle of November.

It can be a bit of a shock to the system for people who aren’t from the UK who – reasonably enough – will expect Christmas to start around December.

But once you get over that mental block, it’s actually a lot of fun to indulge in the festive atmosphere for a bit longer than you should! How can anyone object to a bit of goodwill to all men?

The UK boasts a rich and diverse culture, but trust us, you won’t go far wrong in any part of the country if you remember these pointers!