Visit C.A.Mathew’s Spitalfields Photography Exhibition


You may not be able to step back in time to see what London was like in the early 1900s, but you can go to the next best thing – C.A.Mathew’s photography exhibition of Spitalfields a century ago.

Residents of the streets of East London are captured with startling clarity in the display, depicting day-to-day scenes in the Spitalfields area.

The pictures were taken on Saturday April 20th, 1912, when the photographer walked the short distance from Liverpool Street Station into the heart of Spitalfields, taking his camera with him. The purpose of the photographs are unknown.

The real attraction of the exhibition is that it depicts un-staged images of daily life on London’s streets, rather than the more formal photos typical of the time that audiences may be more familiar with.

C A Mathew’s Spitalfields images are preserved in the archives at Bishopsgate Institute and have been carefully restored by contemporary Spitalfields photographer Jeremy Freedman.

Jeremy Freedman, curator of the exhibition, told the Metro: “These pictures show Spitalfields and the City a century ago in incredible detail. They are the most vivid visual record of life from this era – it is like looking into a time machine.”

The exhibition will run at Eleven Spitalfields Gallery, from March 7th to April 27th 2014. Limited Edition prints available for purchase with Bishopsgate Institute receiving a donation from each print sale.

If you’re visiting, why not also meander round the many stalls and shops at the famous Spitalfields Market? You’ll find everything from vintage clothes to handmade arts and crafts from local designers here, as well as a huge number of tasty food stands and restaurants. The market is located a short walk from London Liverpool Street Station and a number of London hotels.