London is known as one of the top UK tourist destinations and whether it’s your first time or your fifth, there is always more to see. The area spans over a thousand square miles after all, and so finding something to do in such a built-up expanse can be extremely overwhelming. Whether you’re looking for a day out in the wilderness or a cultural trip to one of London’s best kept secrets, you’ll find a way to spend your day during your stay at the Shaftesbury Hotel London. For the weird and the wonderful, London is the right place to be.

Highgate Cemetery

Based in the esteemed North London area of Highgate or Highgate Village as it is often called, you can find one of the most remarkable cemeteries in the city. As part of the Magnificent 7, Highgate Cemetery has come to house notable names such as Karl Marx and Douglas Adams. Whether you’re looking for a family stroll through stunning and lush woodland or for a trip down memory lane for your favourite figures from history, Highgate Cemetery is the perfect spot. What’s more, the cemetery has its own spooky history surrounding it, with mythologies concerning vampires, ghosts and other urban myths.

Waterloo Vaults

Based just underneath Waterloo Station, the Vaults is a labyrinthine selection of tunnels which houses several performance spaces and bars, making this space a literal underground arts hub. Whether you’re here for the theatre and performance or to soak in the atmosphere, the Waterloo Vaults is a brilliant example of just how unique theatre is. With a ground-breaking range of shows being staged every month as well as immersive and interactive performances, the Waterloo Vaults is a vibrant and electric atmosphere, full of colour, grit and adventure.

Dennis Severs House

Dennis Severs House is a ground-breaking piece of art and immersive history based near Spitalfields Market on Folgate Street. This immersive “still life drama” was created by artist Dennis Severs as an imagining of what life would be like between the 18th and the early 20th century. Using recordings, still images of used rooms and historic architecture and objects, the house imagines one family through the ages and generations, giving a unique rendition of the history of London. With many London budget hotels in the area near Shoreditch and Liverpool Street, you’ll no doubt have a great time at this great historic gem.

Wilton’s Music Hall

Within walking distance of the Tower of London, this Victorian age music hall has its own history for you to explore. Whilst a still fully functioning music hall, theatre and dance space, there are plenty of shows to enjoy in this fully renovated music hall in the heart of the city.

Hunterian museum

The Royal College of Surgeons in Lincolns Inn Fields has collated a collection of works and trinkets from a John Hunter, creating a wide collection of anatomical specimens, antique surgical equipment and a range of sculptures and paintings celebrating the British medical profession.