Walk in the footsteps of giants at the Natural History Museum


This summer, the mammoths are coming to town!

If the kids are starting to get a bit fidgety over the holidays, the perfect day out for the whole family is the Natural History Museum, where you can learn more about the amazing species that have walked on the planet over the centuries. And one of the most impressive, and largest, have been the mammoths of the Ice Age.

These woolly creatures may seem like gentle giants if you have seen any of the Ice Age movies, but they were anything but, and now visitors, can walk around life-sized models and even get up close and personal with their huge tusks and trunks. This is the perfect chance to learn about how these humongous animals got around, lived and why they eventually became extinct. You will get the chance to meet the spiral-tusked Columbian and woolly mammoths, and look at the story of their bizarre evolution. This may also be the perfect chance to learn more further about their modern-day relative, the elephant.

The exhibition boasts a variety of games, interactive displays, tusk jousting, and learning centres to keep even the fussiest of kids distracted. With modern research techniques and original skeletons on display, there is sure to be something here to interest any age.

The exhibit will be running until September 7th, so you have plenty of time to catch it. Be sure to incorporate some of London's other amazing attractions in your itinerary, such as the London Eye, Westminster Abbey and the London Dungeons. Either way, be sure to book into one of the Shaftesbury hotels to avoid disappointment with your accommodation in the summer.