You can never be completely prepared for London. The city itself is tumultuous and wonderful that you could be sitting in your bed one minute and kayaking down a canal the next. The city offers so much in terms of new experiences that it can often be difficult to know exactly what to pack for your trip. The city itself is one of the most exciting in Europe and with such a diverse culture no one visit will be the same, even if you’re only here on business. It is for this very reason that we’ve compiled a list of your must-haves for a trip to the city. Be prepared for anything!

The Necessities

what pack for London trip

If you’re not staying for very long and only have a hold all with you, then make sure that you pack light but practically. This means the essentials for travel and personal grooming alongside minimal clothes for all weather conditions. Of course, the UK has sporadic and unpredictable weather conditions but will usually stay mild in its rain or sunshine. This still means that you should pack some good clothes ranging from t-shirts to warmer coats. Trainers are usually your safest bet for a day out, being both durable and fitting in with most outfits.

Personal Items

Be warned, London is known for its pickpockets and moped robberies. Make sure that any valuables you have are safely stored away in your Shaftesbury Hotel collection room or on your persons. This might mean investing in a fanny pack or bum bag or when you’re out in the street in a crowded area or during rush hour, that you wear your rucksack on your front. Make sure all pockets are zipped up and that you know where your valuables are. Nobody wants to lose their passport a few hours before their flight!


The good thing about the UK is that you don’t have to worry too much about bug spray or sun cream, unless we’re talking about the heights of the summer. On top of this, during a short stay at hotels such as hotels in Barbican London, you’ll find that toiletries will be provided. Of course if you pan on travelling further afield you’ll have to invest your own, which won’t be hard with the abundance of beauty product stores dotted around the city.

Staying warm

As mentioned above, the weather can get rather brisk in the winter. To counter this, make sure you have packed gloves, scarves and thick warm jackets. When going out for a day trip, make sure you layer up, bringing a bag with you for extra clothes. This will mean you are capitalising on the fact that once you’re inside, which is where much fo the attractions of London tend to be, you can peel off your layers to acclimatise to the indoor temperature. For those planning on spending a long time walking, make sure you wear sturdy, waterproof shoes as the puddles can grow like a flash flood. This goes for walks through the park as well. The city can get rather muddy, depending on where you are, just look at the paths of Hyde Park after a rainy day! On top of this, shoes such as sandals are a definite no for the London Underground, that is unless you want countless commuters treading on your toes during the busy rush hour.