What will you like the most in London?

London Attractions

It’s almost impossible to be bored when you’re in London, simply because there’s so much to see and do. People who live there are never at a loss for activities, there’s always fun to be had on the many streets and districts in the city.

In fact, it has been said that if you are bored of London then you must be tired of life too – it’s a tall order for how enjoyable the city is but it’s also accurate. Some of the abundance of things you can do include pop-ups – shops and restaurants, cultural festivals, warehouse parties and raves, comedy nights, boat cruises, rooftop bars and tours of the wonderful street art in the city. Regarding the last one, the street art tour in Shoreditch is particularly good and shouldn’t be missed.

London tube

But, this is really the problem with London too, there’s so much to entertain that it can be hard to know where to start. What do you choose to do first? Perhaps go for a walk, then to lunch or maybe you could check out an art gallery and take in some of the famous sights? It’s hard to say what you will like the best about London, but sometimes the best features of the city aren’t even the things that you can do, they’re the experiences that you discover.

We’ve put together a list of things that we think you might like most when you’re in London just to help you kick start the fun of your trip.

London is multicultural

There are few places in the world that are as culturally diverse as London, in fact there is hardly a culture that you won’t find in the city, whether it’s an entire flourishing area of the Big Smoke or a little restaurant right in the middle of everything.

Travellers and expats come to London in their millions every year, which means that you can hear hundreds of different accents every day, whether you’re taking the Tube or walking around a museum.

You can enjoy all these cultures by visiting exhibitions in galleries, going to see different types of theatre or indulging in the restaurant and bar scene. All you have to do is take a look around where you’re staying and you’ll find different cultures in their droves.

The Metropolis London Hyde Park Hotel

When you’re visiting the Big Smoke, it can be really handy for you to stay in a London city hotel that’s right in the centre of town. This is where The Shaftesbury Collection’s Metropolis London Hyde Park hotel can be a perfect choice for you.

The hotel is just an eight-minute walk from the famous Hyde Park that is home to Speaker’s Corner and the Diana memorial, making it a popular stop for almost everyone who comes to London. At the corner you can see people expressing their freedom of speech and discussing social and political issues of the day. Lots of famous people have given moving talks here but it isn’t reserved for famous faces, as anyone can take to the stand.

Regarding the hotel itself, there is free Wi-Fi throughout, making it a great choice if you’re staying in London for work. The rooms are also comfortable and large enough for a family to have lots of space together.

The hotel is excellently located to lots of attractions too, including Madame Tussauds, Kensington Gardens and lots of bars and restaurants.

The public transport is great

With a city as busy as London, it’s imperative for the public transport to be frequent and reliable, which is why there are lots of different options for you to get around.

The most popular option for most is the London Underground, also known as the Tube. It runs every few minutes and there are lines that run all over the city and it’s really easy to navigate. There are apps you can download that show the entire Underground map, the fastest route you can take from one place to another and how frequently trains come to each station. Some even have timetables so calculate the routes of the Tube, different bus timetables and walking distances too.

Luckily, the Tube is very reliable, there aren’t many issues of it being late or breaking down and Transport for London is excellent at updating any disruptions in the services.

The nearest Tube stations to the Metropolis Hyde Park Hotel are Knightsbridge, Lancaster Gate and Marble Arch, and each are just a few minutes’ walk away.

You can walk a lot

Most people are surprised when they come to London at just how much walking they can do to get from one place to the other.

Although the Tube and other public transport options are excellent, you shouldn’t pass up the chance to walk around the city. You’ll soon notice that the distances between places aren’t too far and it can be really enjoyable for you to walk in the day, especially when the weather is nice.

The best thing about walking around London is that you can really explore the city and stumble across places that you might have otherwise missed if you had been on the Tube or bus.

If you’re a bike fan then you’ll be pleased at how easy London is to cycle around too, there are bikes to hire all over the city. They’ve become one of the most popular ways to travel around, particularly as they are a cheaper alternative to other forms of transport. Again, if the weather is nice, bikes give you a really good opportunity to enjoy yourself by taking a cycle along the Thames.

You can easily find a bike hire station in central London by using an app, which will show you the one that is closest to you. Lots of Londoners themselves use these bikes, so you’ll fit right into the tapestry of city life.

The history of the city is fascinating

London is filled to the brim with history, anywhere you look you’ll be able to find something to learn about what makes the city great. The Big Smoke’s history dates back to the Bronze and Iron Ages and there’s even Ancient Roman history for you to dip your toe into as well.

The London Wall is one part of the remaining Ancient Roman ruins in the city, meanwhile the Tower of London and Westminster Abbey are excellent examples of the architecture from the Middle Ages.

One period of time that is particularly well documented through London is WWII, as the city was an integral part of that war. Sights to be enjoyed include the Churchill War Rooms and museums like the Imperial War Museum.

To get to the Churchill War Rooms take the Bakerloo line from Paddington Tube Station for seven stops to Elephant and Castle, with a ten-minute walk at either side, the whole journey should take you about 29 minutes. Take the same line for ten stops to get to the Imperial War Museum in 35 minutes.

It’s easy to get from London to other European cities

London is a travel hub, as many people stopover here on their way to other places, which makes the city great for a short break. One of the most popular ways to enjoy London and the rest of Europe, is for you to take the Eurostar train from here to Paris or Belgium. This journey is done by thousands of people every year and we highly recommend you try it too.




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