Whilst predominantly an American tradition, Halloween is still a staple of the British calendar. Whilst there are some spiritual and religious connotations to Halloween, it’s more of an excuse for Londoners to dress up and have a bit of fun. Whether a film buff, a trick or treat tweaker or a spectre of the sound system scene, there will be plenty for both adults and kids to do this Halloween in London. With centrally located Shaftesbury Hyde Park International giving you London right on your doorstep, and some unique festivities of their own. Below are some of the top picks coming up this autumn, giving you a chance to add extra scares to your London Holiday Package.

Prince Charles Cinema

For the best in horror, look no further than the cinephiles cinema, the Prince Charles. Based just off Leicester Square, the Prince Charles Cinema has a wide array of great Halloween films playing at the end of October. Whether it’s the heart stopping Texas Chainsaw Massacre, or the iconic Evil Dead, this is the place to be if you’re looking for comfy seats and a great cinema atmosphere.

London Bridge scare maze

The London Bridge Scare Maze is a brilliant immersive experience in the tombs under London Bridge. Whilst learning about the history of the area, you will also experience a wide array of terrifying creatures and ghouls. This one’s not for the faint of heart, and whether you’re looking for some history with bite, or a bit of gross out fun, then the London Bridge Experience is the right place for you this Halloween.

Horror Escape Rooms – The Impossible Murder Mystery

In the bowels of Drury Lane, you’ll find an escape room like no other. Faced with a killer behind bars and a series of clues, you and your team must work out how the murderer continues to kill from his prison cell. As the clock ticks down, you’ll have to search the spooky locked room with your police squad and work out how the killer keeps on killing.

Halloween Secret Cinema

Secret Cinema have become one of the most unique cinema experiences in the world. Taking the world by storm, they have taken flight through immersive screenings of Blade Runner, Romeo and Juliet, Moulin Rouge and last years 28 Days Later. Secret Cinema works through showing films in an immersive and engaging way, bookending proceedings with performers who immerse guests into the world of the film they are about to see. Whether it be the glittering world of Moulin Rouge, or the dystopian future of Blade Runner, audiences get to dress up and join in the fun, with unique cocktails and multi stranded theatre pieces to follow. Whilst the Secret Cinema’s programme remains just that, secret, it’s very likely that this Halloween will see another terrifying and immersive experience.

London Dungeons

No Halloween in London would eb complete without a trip to the London Dungeons. This grisly trip through London history is fun for all the family, and has you toured around different scenes from the city’s history by macabre performers and tour guides.