Why London is one of the greatest cities in the world


We’ll tell you all the time that London offers something for everybody, with people of all ages and backgrounds finding something they can enjoy.

But we only say that so often because it is actually true. The city offers an eclectic and varied range of attractions that can leave you coming back again and again – and still finding more that needs to be done next time.

But let’s add some meat to the bones shall we, and give you some clear tangible reasons why we think London is one of the greatest cities in the world?

London is the most popular city among holidaymakers

Move over New York. Step aside Tokyo. London has proved consistently popular as a tourist destination for many years and is putting other major cities in the shade. Indeed, London has come top of the annual MasterCard Global Destinations Cities Index for five of the last eight years – beaten only by Bangkok this time around.

So it’s clear that London’s history, cultural venues, iconic landmarks and events are attracting strong and sustained international attention. That many people can’t be wrong surely?

It’s an international city

The latest UK census carried out five years ago revealed that 36.7 per cent of people in London were not actually born in the UK. That’s a much higher proportion than in other parts of Britain, which says to us that London is something of a magnet for people from different corners of the world.

Interestingly, just 27.1 per cent of Londoners were found to be born in another country during the previous census a decade earlier, so that’s a significant increase over that ten-year period. It’s therefore a safe bet to assume this trend has continued since, with the mixture of cultures and influences creating a city that is a melting pot of them all, with a distinctive and unique feel like nowhere else on Earth.

London’s international vibe is apparent in many ways, but particularly so when you are heading out for a bite to eat. The fact that London is home to so many cultures and attracts so many visitors from overseas means it has to cater to many different tastes.

So if you have a broad palate and are keen to move beyond English staples like pie and mash, you won’t be disappointed with the sheer variety of culinary treats on offer.

Great public transport

London Transport

Navigating your way around major cities can be difficult sometimes, but London’s efficient public transport network – with buses, trains and the Underground – means you can get from A to B quickly and affordably. Why worry about driving around a packed city when there’s such an easy alternative on offer?

Green spaces in easy reach

Think of a major global city and images spring to mind of busy streets and pavements packed with pedestrians in a hurry. Well, that’s an accurate view of many parts of London, as it’s a city where people are always on the go. But that’s not to say there aren’t any places where you can enjoy a bit of respite from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Green spaces such as Hyde Park, Green Park and Richmond Park are all easily accessible across the city and offer some genuine peace and quiet, as well as a place to explore wildlife and maybe even a romantic picnic. In that sense, London really offers the best of both worlds to visitors.