Zippo Circus Rolls into London


Visitors to central London hotels have chance to enjoy trapeze acts, motorcycle stunts and equestrian acts at the famous Zippo Circus, which rolls into town from September 22nd to 27th.

The group’s new show, Horsepower, will combine horse-themed events led by acclaimed equestrian presenter Yasmine Smart, vehicle stunts and acrobats at Twickenham Green and Hampstead Heath.

London Tower

“Yasmine will celebrate her return to the ring with a new act on her new horse, five-year-old Andalusian stallion Diamond,” commented the circus.

Organisers added: “Yasmine will also perform her world renowned liberty act with four stunning Palominos – and the smallest horse in the UK.”

Additionally, people will be able to enjoy the Globe of Death, a daredevil stunt where three motorbikes will ride at over 70mph in a metal orb.

Horsepower boasts a cast of over twenty performers, including a fire juggler on a Harley Davidson, the Russian Big Bike act, the traditional Argentinean Gaucho Bolas dance, acrobats and clowns all directed by recent MBE-awarded Norman Barrett as Ring Master.

Mr Barrett left school at the age of 12 to join his parents’ circus and spent a quarter of a century as Ring Master at the Blackpool Tower Circus – often referred to as the best in the world.

“I’ve done circus all my life and worked in the theatre and panto and I love it. It does sometimes go wrong but that is part of the fun,” he told the Metro.

Speaking about his award in the New Years Honours List he said he was “deeply honoured” and humbled.

“This is a real boost for circus and in my view gives the art form the recognition it truly deserves and, sadly, in modern times, so rarely gets,” he commented.